Established in Europe for more than ten years, this method of brain coaching is now available in Australia.  Managers, artists, trainees, students, athletes and actors have made use of the Wingwave method to reach their goals and gain success.

To help you reach your personal and professional goals, Helen uses the Wingwave method, an approved short term coaching concept, which combines established and well researched coaching elements.  Wingwave coaching optimises your productivity and creative ability by stabilising your emotional and mental balance - easing challenging and demanding situations.

Services include:

Helping with a fear of heights
Fear of Flying  
Anxiety in social situations, road rage
Dealing with difficult people
Public Speaking confidence
Sports confidence and consistency
Sense of self worth
........Even reducing cravings for chocolate


Human Resource Management Workshops

Helen Dugdale also provides workshops and programs that help organisations and individuals get ahead in the business world.
The workshops include a broad range of programs.

Most importantly, the workshops come to you. Helen can organise workshops in any town or suburb, Group workshops or individual 1 on 1.

Climbing your own personal mountain. Many people have something that they have always wanted to do in their lives and, for different reasons, keep putting it off. A new workshop by Helen will provide practical tips on reaching your own summit. There will be plenty of take-home tips on working out your goal, planning it, and then actually how to go about doing it.

Some people may not have any goals in mind, and maybe feeling a bit ‘all at sea’, as in “Where am I heading?”, “what do I want to do?”. This workshop will help provide you with some skills  that you can start putting into place and give you the confidence to go through with whatever your goal is.

Your goal could be big or small. It could be something you have to deal with on a daily basis, like ‘how to deal with difficult person’, or implementing a new process at work, on through to starting a new business or going on that trip you always wanted to do.

Along the way, there are some useful tools on recognising how different people work, how to get the best out of yourself and those around you, building confidence, standing up for yourself – without being aggressive. And actually sticking to your plan.

“Think it, plan it, do it”


Hello Helen, "Just a quick note to let you know that thanks to your support, I ended up getting top marks in my PhD confirmation. Thanks again".
(This was from a client who needed help with her commitment to her studies, as they were putting other things/people in their life in front of their own needs)

"I went to see Helen as I had some personal issues to deal with including a couple of life changing events which were causing me stress and I was also grieving a family member that passed away. 
 I was so happy with the results from seeing Helen. I felt very comfortable talking to Helen honestly and openly about all my problems and how I was feeling. Some days I was really struggling just to get through the day. Helen worked with me to get to the  bottom of my feelings and she gave me tools on how to deal with my emotions that I applied to my everyday life. 
 When I first went to Helen I was very upset and didn't know how to deal with how I was feeling nor how I was going to move forward. After 3 sessions with Helen I felt like I was getting my life and my head space back on track. After the sessions with Helen I had my confidence back and she helped me put strategies in place for how I was going to deal with my emotions to help me deal with everyday life situations.  
I thoroughly recommend Helen and I'm so grateful that I found out Helen was able to provide this service"
 ML, HR Manager

Public Speaking Nerves: (From a very satisfied client!)
"Recently, I was asked to speak at an event with a large audience. In the 5 month lead up to the event, when ever I would think about speaking in front of so many people my stomach would churn, my chest would feel heavy and I often had to rush to the bathroom. I was that anxious about it. This continued to occur right up until the day of the event and then Helen mentioned I should have a brain coaching session with her to help me to settle my nerves and anxiety. Initially I thought I didn't want to because if I spoke about it, it could make the feelings worse, but she said it couldn't make the situation any worse than it was, so I did it - "why not" I thought! 
We then had the session and I felt an unusual amount of relief. Heading to the event I didn't have the rushing feeling of anxiety nor did I feel nervous in the lead up to my speech on the night. I honestly couldn't believe it and am not sure how I would have managed without having the session beforehand".
from RC, Business Owner.

Talk about doing what you love! - It was a pleasure to be able to help this young man.
Young client's testimonial - "I would really like to thank Helen Dugdale for helping me start a new chapter in my life, re-finding my confidence and drive to change what I thought was an impossible task at the time.

As a young rural bloke, I couldn't recommend anyone more highly to help out young rural Australians or anyone for that matter, who are stuck in limbo, who need some drive and direction, than Helen and her Australian Brain Coaching".

AS 22 years, North West NSW"


Received this comment from a happy client:

"It was lovely meeting you, Helen. You have opened my eyes to the world. Can't thank you enough",

LP, Events Manager, Sydney. 
You could say that this person was relieved to find a resolution.

"Thank you for your coaching using the Wingwave method, I was sceptical at first, but after a couple of sessions I could see and feel the benefits that you could bring out in me. Your coaching helped me with my concentration and as I love playing golf you steered me in the right direction. It wasn’t easy to start with but as I focused on the coaching techniques and triggers; my golf game improved out of sight, and now I can proudly say I am the 2015 club champion at my golf course.
Thanks again Helen, I would recommend you and Wingwave coaching to others who have a desire to improve in any aspect of their life."
SC, Melbourne.

“Once we dealt with the family issue. I felt much better after just one session.”

CS Small Business Manager


“From performance anxiety - to utter relief and continuing with a job well-done for all involved”.

KC Business Manager


“I was hyperventilating in a swimming pool and then went on to diving underwater to retrieve objects and laughing about it!”

LD Outdoor Trekker with a fear of water




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