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"I attended the 2 day workshop with 6 other lovely ladies and we all had a great time. I have attended a couple of these forums previously, and not really gotten much out of them other than a bit of fun. This workshop was full of great ideas, succinct and very easy to follow. I have recently been upgraded to a more senior position at work, managing under-performance, and I found that I was quite unconsciously using some of the great strategies from the communications section of the workshop, to support and help those who came to see me. A wonderful workshop!" eg, Friday I had 3 x members who I had to counsel about various things and I was not saying "But". Also had to give them a bit of a “Telling off Sandwich" and all 3 went away happy with the way the counselling finished."

"If you've been too busy to attend Uni check out Helen Wheels Consultancy Workshop.  Helen's relaxed one day program includes a down to earth crash course in effective communication; presentation; goal setting and wellbeing!  Highly recommended for those who are time poor and in need of some "me time"!" 

"What a fabulous group you had together.   Have a note on first page of the workbook 'have small achievable goals' - so you must have mentioned that early on, too.   Thank you for all the preparation and effort you put into the workshop, it has created new challenges and made a positive impact in my life."

"The Helen Wheels workshop has inspired, motivated and encouraged me to be the best person I can possibly be in all situations. From making time for myself through to leaving a positive impression on everyone I meet, I feel much more confident in knowing that I CAN do this"

"Workshop has been a catalyst to examine and act – more consciously – with regard to the choices I make every moment of every day.  Thank you. The way you did the meet and greet ‘introductions’, being name tag free and establishing rapport and unity within the group was fabulous.  It felt like a very safe, inclusive and supportive environment"

"I really enjoyed the day with you and the other participants.  I particularly liked the PRES process which is so simple and also effective.  Also finding alternative ways of not saying "but", "don't" and "sorry" - it's amazing how often we use them.  I have shared these two experiences with people at work"

The workshop was great fun and very useful – always valuable to sit back and look at how we deal with things and compare other people’s approaches – and then get some consolation from the fact that we all do the same wrong things!  The day went so fast and you moderated things so smoothly – it was just like a big group chat (but with your subtle direction).  Thanks and good luck with future workshops” 

"Helen presented her workshop enthusiastically and with conviction, guiding us knowledgeably through many facets of communication.  Although previously aware of some of the everyday ways of communication, I now consciously and confidently incorporate them into my daily life"

Australian Brain Coaching |  Helen Dugdale  |  0417064507   |  2 Violet Street, Narrabri, NSW 2390  | helen@australianbraincoaching.com.au

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