• All the Farming Systems forums for CRDC since 1997
  • Sustainable Rural Communities Conferences
  • Youth Environment Conference/River Health Conference
  • Aboriginal Employment Strategy, School based Traineeships for the Cotton industry
  • Biodiversity field days, including aboriginal elders as presenters
  • WUE workshops
  • Combined CRDC & GRDC conference
  • Art Auctions for Narrabri Education Foundation
  • Trees For Life – inaugural President Adelaide branch, volunteers growing 1m trees per year
  • Fund raising events/ plays/ live bands etc for Friends of the Crossing Theatre
  • Narrabri Education Foundation - Chair (inaugural board member since 2002)
  • Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 2012
  • Ran the London Marathon 2014 to raise funds for the Narrabri Education Foundation
  • Cotton Conference speaker August 2014

Narrabri Education Foundation - Board Member


Another big year for the Narrabri Education Foundation!
28 students funded this year.
Total of $42K
Record amount!
We had a successful Yum Cha in August last year, with about $5k raised.
It is also about raising awareness.
So much that the Courier wanted to partner with us for the Living and Learning Locally promotion,
Plus the Loder family scholarship.
Plus other Education Foundation’s want to learn from us (eg. Moree, Gunnedah and a few more unknowns). 
Plus CEFA are always asking us to do things!
We had a few students approach us after the due date, but I don’t think anyone begrudge them.
Then in late January we had a very successful presentation night, with our major sponsors expressing how impressed they were with Narrabri Education Foundation and the students.
Then we have been asked to present at Inner Wheel ($1000 to go towards a female student.
Then Rotary presentation, where Narrabri Education Foundation will get the proceeds from their book sale.
Then we had the Matt Steiger dinner and junior golf clinic (many thanks to Jocellin). What a blast that was! Images above.
Nobody went home unhappy that night.
The golf pro was happy, the bar was happy, the attendees were happy, Matt and his family were happy, and Narrabri Education Foundation committee were happy. (food was good too).
Many thanks to Dominique Madden for doing the newsletter, She is a very talented and patient person.
Now for the future:
Welcome to new committee members
Need to Explore UNE co-funding, amongst other uni’s. 
What will the Federal rules be like next year?
What will Uni fees be?
What about Uni courses in general – more on-line courses? (Something to think about.)
In the meantime, thank you to everyone on the committee, we are a great team, and thank you to Amy (resigning) for help over the last two years, following up students etc. Everyone is on here for the right reasons. To help those who need a hand up., not a hand-out.


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